Written or Video Based Tutorials

Tutorials may be supplied as both, a getting to know approach and updating one’s records. There are easy and easy tutorials for simple procedures or complicated and difficult for difficult techniques.

Written tutorials

A written educational is a file explaining the manner in a little by little layout. It’s either available online for down load or may be printed on a web page. They also are embedded in the software as Help manuals. The information supplied is descriptive in nature and gives procedural information. Written tutorials can be used as reference courses for a selected problem.

To interact the learner, we are able to gift the educational within the form of a story, including pictures, narrative textual content and track. A PowerPoint presentation with snap shots and sounds makes for an exciting tutorial. Feedbacks and brief quizzes also can be included on the academic to gauge learner reaction.

Written tutorials are particularly prepared as PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents.

Video based tutorials

Video tutorials are the most promising form of instructions. They have interaction the learner in near actual life eventualities. These tutorials are very interactive. They train the learner to respond to a given scenario by simulating a manner onscreen or presenting a video on it. Video tutorials are generally for a brief length. They have a tendency to cover a particular method inside a span of five to 15 mins.

Video tutorials get the learner concerned in the tutorial. The learner has the selection to manage the pace of the schooling through utilising controls on every page.

Video tutorials are normally created in Adobe Captivate® and Camatasia Studio®.

Benefits of Video tutorials over Written tutorials

Based at the above statistics it’s miles evident, video tutorials are a notch up over written tutorials.

• It is an awful lot less difficult to interpret statistics when you see it instead of examine it.

• It is simpler to understand guidelines while someone is guiding you through, rather than thinking what it can appear to be to your head.

• The instructions given through a real character are clear to understand.

• From a commercial enterprise factor of view it creates a personal touch as someone is speaking with the consumer.

Written tutorials: An optimistic view

For all the advantages Video tutorials have, written tutorials do have some high-quality factors.

• Many customers would really like to maintain the report like a short reference at their desks.

• The controls on the video academic take some time to being used to, while in comparison with a little by little method on a written record.

• A written record is much less horrifying to a new person rather than a video tutorial.

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