What are Russian Piping Tips?

What are Russian Piping Tips?

Russian piping tips are super popular novelty piping nozzles. They first appeared 3-4 years ago, with a set of 7 instant flower piping nozzles. Since then we’ve seen large variety of Russian piping tips appear, both for instant flowers as well as instant ruffles.

Russian Piping Tips – Instant Flower

These all in one piping tips make it super easy to pipe professional and amazing looking buttercream flowers to cakes, cupcakes and cookies, or really any of your amazing bakings. With these Russian piping tips, you can pipe large variety of different flowers with ease. There are roses, tulips, peonies and much more. Recently they’ve also brought out instant leaf Russian piping tips, which means that you can now pipe also realistic looking leaves to your buttercream flowers.

So if you’re really struggling to get nice looking buttercream flowers with the traditional piping nozzles, you should really give these Russian piping tips a go and see how easy it is yourself.

Russian Piping Tips – Instant Ruffles

Instant ruffles Russian piping tips are the latest ones in the family to come out. There are 2 different kinds. The original ones were Russian ball ruffle nozzles, and the new ones look more like your traditional piping nozzles, and aren’t quite as instant as the Russian ball ruffle tips are.

In the ball ruffle set there are 7 different Russian piping tips all that make different but equally amazing looking instant three-dimensional ruffles. Russian ball instant ruffle tips are also called sometimes sphere icing tips. So when you’re looking inspiration how to use them, try to search different terms. Russian ruffle tips look very different from your traditional piping nozzles, but can be used the same way. You can use them with medium couplers or just place them in the piping bag and you’re ready to go. Piping ruffles has never been easier.